“I am a strong believer of the axiom – the young shall grow” Chris Asoluka said as he rejects commissioner’s Job.

Dr Chris Chigoziri Asoluka, the chairman Onne Oil and Gas Free Zone Authority Port Harcourt today rejects the job offer by Governor Ihedioha to be part of his team as a commissioner for Finance.

He said “Earlier this morning, I got yet another message from an online follower on my purported appointment by Gov. Emeka Ihedioha as Commissioner for Finance in his administration.

In as much as it’s an honour to serve my people, I hasten to put an end to this wild speculation for a number of reasons.

First, I am pressed to inform my friends, including the young enquirer, that I’m rather not amused that after twenty five years I had served Imo State in same capacity, someone is still anticipating that I get re-appointed. Wow! Does it in anyway mean that our young people are not growing or must they lose hope and faith in themselves?

Second, I am a strong believer of the axiom – “the young shall grow”, and mentor to numerous young men and women, who are extremely gifted and ready to serve their people- to reclaim their future which they have talked, sang and dreamed about.

Imo is our own. No matter my love for Imo, if in my mid-thirties I was privileged to be appointed to that position, then our millennial generation deserves to be given a chance. My abiding faith in their potentials and the promise Imo holds for us must compel me, and indeed some of us, to always be available when genuinely invited by credible leaders, such as the incumbent, to join in his Rebuild Imo Agenda. This is why a number of us are available and willing to offer whatever support and solution, by way of advice and consultation.

I conclude by putting it straight, I’m not hoping and cannot accept to be a Commissioner anymore”.

Oh what a man!!!

I wish others can learn from him and know when to say no to certain things.

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