Dead Winnie is back alive

Young Winnie from Masala town in Ndola, Zambia, who was dead and buried two years ago after a brief illness.

However Winnie returned home yesterday, her parent, neighborhood were shocked of this development, because they sure that she is dead and buried.

She tried to convince her parent that she was never dead, she said “I was not the one buried that day, rather a plantain steam”, Her parent confirmed that She was buried at Mitingo cemetery,

The Central Police has taken over the case, the parents and the girl were kept at the station while they waited for a DNA test to be conducted on the girl. The girl’s death certificate and birth certificate were also tendered to the police to assist in the investigation.


hat went wrong?

Who wants the lady gone?

Does the hospital and mortuary aware of what went wrong?

Is her parent involved?

Did the parent not check the casket before she was buried?

Who is to be blame for this?

Where have Winnie been all this years???

This and more will be coming your way shortly,

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