Davido baby Mama Sophia advice single Ladies and Baby Mama’s

Sophia Momodu have realized her mistakes and has decided to lecture her fellow ladies on it.

She realized that she was busy noticing Davido’s Wrist watch, Belt, shoes and all other fancy attire and his attractive looks.

However she neglected to notice his inside looks, what he likes eating, where he wants to be, when he needs space and when he needs company,

She realized loosing him to Chef Chioma was actually her mistake, she was busy driving around town in a fancy car when Chioma was in the Kitchen making delicious meals,

She was shopping for new clothes when Chioma was cleaning OBO’s nails.

Now she realized all this.

She said and I quote “most ladies would say that the first thing they look out for in a man will be his watch, footwear, his belt etc

But a very small percentage of us notice a man’s finger nails, skin, beards, hairline, smell(cos fellas for some ladies cheap perfume will expose you faster than a fake watch)

BTW at the end of the day he will take off his watch, belt, shoes etc then what?”

A lesson to all single Ladies and baby Mama’s.

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