Scholars, dignitaries storm Imo for East High School Speech and Prize Giving Day

One of the reasons the western world is much better than us is that while they talk passion, we talk about money.

While they talk hard work, we talk money and while they talk accomplishments, we still talk about money, yet with all the money that’s to be made, we still have a high level of poverty here. Because of this, ‘how much’ and never ‘how well’ or ‘how good’, are what everyone wants to hear today.

Personally, I have been to schools talking about passion because all I see is a bunch of adults only trying to make money and never trying to be happy. Passion makes us better people and better leaders because when we grow, we enjoy our growth and this creates an emotional Utopia for us.

Few schools teach passion, others teach A is for Apple and with canes, teachers make sure kids pass exams, irrespective of how their hearts beat.

So I stumbled on this beautiful invitation card when I went to see a friend and I was touched that a school in Imo State is doing so much for their children in terms of building the leaders of tomorrow.

Aside from working with British-Nigerian based curriculum, East High College makes Leadership their watchword according to my findings, and on

Tuesday, July 16, 2019, they will be unleashing a batch of these leaders at their 1st Speech & Prize Giving Day 2019. With the class of the Invitation Card I saw, I know it will be nothing less than a world-class event at the

Venue, LifeOak Event Center, Located Opposite East High College, behind Ministry of Justice Complex, along Saga Suit Road, Area H, Owerri, Imo State.

My findings also have it that accomplished scholars, including three Vice-Chancellor, will be among the guests and speakers on that day. This event will be classy and most importantly, free for all to attend and all you need to do is get an IV. Come and learn for free, come and see the emergence of the newest set of leaders in our dear country and come and learn how passion can transform your kids and make them better leaders of themselves, others and the country at large.


#ChildrenAreLeadersBy Chinedu Hardy Nwadike

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