I was born a Rapper – Rehab said

Ekwere Michael Nnamdi, a 400 Level student of Optometry department of Imo State University otherwise known also as ‘Rehab‘ said that he was born rapper, he never learnt it, it just flows.

In a recent chat, the “Over Sabi” crooner causing wave in the campus Music revealed hand full of things about himself, when and how he started music.

Read and understand the basics you need to know of the next big headache in the Nation entertainment industry.

How did the stage name “REHAB” came to fancy?

“Well I was making use of the name (Michael ekna) at first when i was in junior secondary school, sometimes people do come to me and when am done rapping for him or her that person becomes so happy ..So one day I came across the word rehab Which means bringing something or someone back to its normal state .. And I come to think of it , since people do meet me to rap for them just to make them happy ..then I should be a rehab in the music industry”

When did you start music?

“Well , some people will say they started music at the age of this and at the age of that, But to me I started music from mama’s womb. Officially I started music when I was in my senior secondary school I guise probably at the age of 17-19 years old and that was when I started visiting the studio”

Who is your role model?

“J Cole is my role model, I so much love him with Passion, he inspires me a lot and I also love his life style, He is the reason why my love for rap music increased. Yes he is my number one role model but I wouldn’t tell you that I am only inspired by J Cole, Kendrick Lamar and drake are artist I do see as my role model. I will also love to recognized artist like lucky dube, the game ,Bob Marley, 2face ,big seun ,t.I, drake ,eriga ,2 PAC, notorious b.i.g lilwayn and lots more they have all also contributed to the growth of my musical career by inspiring me”

Have you ever experienced stage freight and how did you come over it?

“Oh my God, Severely I have experienced that even up till now I do experience stage freight. But not every time. You know, I was a very shy type when I was a teenager To even contribute little to the answer to your question, I was an altar boy in my church (Catholic church) but I never served a mass because of stage freight. I came over stage freight when I realized that each time i am on stage performing , once I drop a punch line or good lyrics and rhymes or sweet melody and sweet musical line that the crowd love so much they all scream and once they all scream and sound happy, stage freight leaves my body and soul . What I now do to come over stage freight ..is to work hard , study my fans, show and different set of crowd or audience just to know what they want, I deliver it to them so that their joy, screams , hailing and happiness can give me confidence to overcome stage freight on stage.”

What’s the best thing a fan has ever done to you?

“Well I have this fan that do Spend his time to design my pictures and adding some of my lyrics on the pic and then send it to me. He also do post it on his social media account saying nice things about me and also tag me . each day I receive several pictures containing my lyrics this is just how passionate a fan can be sometimes”

What inspires you to sing?

“I always want my today to be better than yesterday, i didn’t just decide to be rapper, it inborn in me. if something must inspire me, it should be my experiences in life”

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

“Only God knows the answer to this question, I only believe that God is preparing a better place and a better platform and a better crown in the music industry for me”

Apart from music, what other thing do you do with your leisure time?

“For now , I am a student Combining school and my musical career is like serving two masters at a time which people do think it’s impossible to do that. I don’t think I have any leisure time because eve

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