Women are stronger than men 

Women are stronger than men
According to research from University of southern Denmark, it have been discovered that there is more ways to measure strength than old fashioned arm wrestling,
Using historic data to analyze death rate between men and women, it proves that women are far stronger sex than men

Elanor Roosevell once said “a woman is like a tea bag, you cannot tell how strong it is until you put it in a hot water”.


(case studies are)
1: The Irish famine of 1845-1849 people died but mostly men
2: The Iceland measles epidemic of 1846-1882, more of female survivors 
3: The experience of freed Liberian slaves returning to Africa from US,early 90th century, where they encountered a very deadly disease which killed many, mostly men 
4: The normal everyday childbirth, women uses 90% of their system to reproduce and still make it out alive, strong and ready to go back to work.
5: How many men can survive an hour on a 3inches hill, women does, whether pregnant or not
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