The man Iwuala Nnamdi Paulcy

I quote him “My Wonderful Geniuses, I want you to share this words of mine, not because I asked but because of the message it contains for I’m certain one person will be uplifted by it …

If you have noticed you will understand that for weeks now running into months I’ve been on the low, I’ve been fighting a big emotional stress, a state of depression that have plunged me into hallucinating the kind that makes you think your dying, a situation where you are paranoid and scared but yet you embrace the fear..

Many in problems have reached out to me in this my period of weakness and I have turned because I’ve been lost myself, how then can I find the lost ones, this period I’ve lost money, health, I’ve battled the greatest demons and my innocent assumptions have been taped videoed and used against me making me loose a friendship, those who does not know you will bring you down but those who does will see you for who you are…!!!

1st of March I was born into this country in this world, I’ve passed lots of birthday but none of them have the effect this one had on me and you made it so, your wishes, your love, your prayers, your words of encouragement, your helping hand..

I want to appreciate everyone of you, every single one of you, the husbands, the wife’s, the friends, the single, the searching, they not searching, the good, the bad, the ugly, the snitches, the haters, the lovelies, the pastors, the fake and the real ones your wishes got to me, I never stepped out I only sat and watched the messages poured in, I felt pain, I felt happiness, I felt encouraged I felt weak above all I knew, you have me somewhere either in your heart, your book or in your memory!!!

The world pushes us to a limit where we think we can’t stretch no more, where we think it’s over but then when you look deeply and see a distant light very far, but with a certainty it’s a light, you raise the bar of hope and you say to yourself I’ll get to that life, that distant light my friends is “LIFE” as far as you have it don’t give up..

Thank you once again, let me tell you this today YOU ALL GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK one day I’ll tell you why I said this..

May God bless you all I love everyone of YOU …

And To All My Birthday Mates I love you all and happy birthday !!!


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