Save MCC by Wethral Road by Dr. Okorie Azuakoemu

“MCC by Wethral Road. Owerri Imo State on 7/7/18”
Dr. Okorie Azuakoemu of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Mbaise laments for urgent attention either from Imo State Government or spirited individuals or corporate bodies QED

Roads in owerri are gradually becoming dead traps, especially during raining seasons, due to so many uncompleted road rehabilitation

My Governor, you are trying but remember what is worth doing is what is done well,

And to our Hotel owners, Hospital owners and our Fuel filling station owners, kindly offer your helping hand, it is our own IMO state, the masses are the one suffering not the state executives.

Lets make a difference today and reap the reward later.

Dont come and preach to me how good you are because you want me to vote for you, show me how good you are by doing things that will shock me positively.

I am Adaku Quingist, and am not a lazy youth

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