Lolo Uloma Rochas Nwosu joined Total Mandate Ladies (TML)

The Total Mandate Ladies(TML) aka Ugwumba Brigadier yesterday the 21st of August paid a visit to the beautiful Lady at her School East High Academy.

The Director General of this beautiful Ladies confirmed this on her Facebook handle, where she said “I lack words to write about our visit to Lolo Uloma Rochas Nwosu because what transpired there got me dumbfounded & sober”
She told quingist team who gave her a phone call to confirm why she was dumbfounded and sober, the DG Lady Dera Concepta Ewuzie said she never knew that she never knew that Lolo Uloma could be this intelligent, smart, eloquent, soft spoken & still as humble as she is.

There are people you spend few hours with you and your life will never remain the same, things they say, you just have to think about your life,future and ask yourself certain questions then seat the hell up she said.

Behold TML Newest Member & Leader who officially adopted the Ladies Team on 21/08/2018,

The Women Advocate, Empowerment Guru, Beautiful Woman.
Special thanks to you for everything, we are even more honored to work with you. God give you the Grace to embrace this new huge task ahead! Our restructuring will be da bomb.

Meeting you is a huge blessing & we are looking forward to a better friendship.

#TML #DirectorGeneral
#Ugwumbians #WaitForit #YouthsInGovernance

See photos from the outing below

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