Let’s Try Social Democratic Party In Imo State Come 2019 – Hon Emeka Ikedi said

We the Imolites and Nd’Igbo in general have tried APGA and the party failed and its still failing till date even when the fraud the well meaning Imolites in just purported party primary.

PDP on its own is a party with contemptible foundation likewise APC…. the question now is who will show us road? Which party will be a Messiah for Ndi Mbaike come 2019?

As a popular media Strategy, Hon Emeka Ikedi said today the 14th of October 2018 “I has scrutinized all the parties and their manifesto and find out that only party that can take Ndi Mbaitoli /Ikeduru and Ndi IMO in General to their promising Land is SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY”.

The Social Democratic Party of Nigeria, popularly known as SDP, was established as a political party to encompass the ideals of a center left political organization. It was initially one of the products of a democracy project by former President Ibrahim Babangida to have two detribalized political parties, one a little to the left and one for the right.

Agujiegbe went ahead to discuss the transition of civic rule in Nigeria, “the Fourth Republic has met with disappointing failure. Free and fair elections have become so difficult to uphold, and democracy is not only endangered but in retreat. The political system has been over-heated and there is a Tendency towards a monopoly
control of government while opposition is labeled in negative light. There is need that the drift towards a one party system. The increasing intolerance of
the ruling party and the high defection of party members, even from within
the ruling party, have made it necessary that there is need for all- encompassing political party that provide a platform for all progressive parties and individuals who truly and genuinely want Nigeria to move forward or make progress. Nigerians are yearning and desiring this opportunity and it
is truly historic to find such a platform offered by our party to express and consummate their feelings”.

In addition he said “with the philosophy aims and objectives contained in the constitution of the party, WE the members of the party desirous of breaking the circle of vicious and endemic poverty and political crisis in our nation and several deliberations and consultations with patriots across generations and gender, town and cities, rural and urban areas, do hereby RESOLVE to pursue in government the following; in the pursuit of genuine development, social justice, equity, empowerment and life more abundant for the people of Nigeria based on the CARDINAL PROGRAMME of:
1. Electricity for ALL
2. Jobs for All
3. Food for ALL
4. War against corruption as abiding articles of faith, details of which are
hereinafter contained and referred to as the. Manifesto of the party”.

A principled and disciplined party that will create a great and prosperous
country where maximum social welfare of citizens, freedoms, peace and
unity will reign and where democratic best practices will serve as the tool for
the emancipation of the people.

To provide political, economic and social development and stability, through
exemplary leadership, good governance, transparency and responsive.

The SDP is directed, driven and defined by its core values of, Justice, fairness, equity and progress;Democracy, good leadership, good governance and sustainable development;Transparency, integrity, truth and honour;Accountability and zero -tolerance for corruption;Respect for human dignity, human rights and the sanctity of human life;Peace, security, harmony and cooperative solidarity, within the rule of law;International cooperation for a common humanity within a secure and peaceful world order.

So let’s try SPD for the betterment of Our state and Constituency come 2019.

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