‘It’s a prophesy’, Aduh Chinemerem shares moments with Jim Iyke and Digidi DunHill

Nollywood’s fast rising actor Aduh Chinemerem ThankGod has referred to his growth in the entertainment industry as a prophesy by people who believed in him and that he will ensure that he doesn’t let them down for any reason.

Chinemerem who said this in Owerri while on set in and Andy Best film, said he feels great and better with the way things are going on in his life and all he can think of is for everything to keep getting better every day.

“If I am not happy, how else will I feel?”, he asked with laughter and went on to say; “There are times you just look forward to a dream and then you see it coming. There are times you have people believing in you and the next thing, you see all their prophesies about you happening in front of your eyes.”

“My boss Digidi Dunhill has always told me that I’ll make it to the top someday and it feels so good the way things a going right now. I just have this feeling that the top spot is not far from me”

While savouring the classic moments on set in at the Andy Best film which also has Jim Iyke and Digidi Dunhill, the Architect turned actor could only say, ‘it feels good’.

Speaking further on where swimming alongside the industry’s big fishes will take him, Aduh Chinemerem ThankGod said; “It’s obvious that when you swim with the big fishes, you are already in the deepest part of the ocean because big fishes don’t play in the pond”

“I want to keep getting better, I want to keep doing this; showing the best I can be any time I am called up on, because that’s what star mentality is all about”

Updated: March 25, 2018 — 2:59 pm

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