IPhone 8 replaced by AY in Owerri yesterday

Girl claims her IPhone 8 was stolen in the prescence of E-money and Kcee At AY Live In Owerri, Causes drama

Owerri witnessed yet another fun night yesterday during the Ay Live in Owerri which saw rib cracking performances by top comedians like Gordons, Akpororo, Acapella, I go dye, Mr. Patrick, Ajebo, Kelvin Sapp, Egbeigwe and a host of others with Oritse Femi and Kcee adding musical flavour to the show.

The show which was a huge success by all standard was brought to an abrupt end after a young lady started screaming and created her own show as she claimed her iPhone 8 was stolen during Kcee’s performance.

Her drama caused AY to stop the music and bring the show to an abrupt end. Many people at the event venue didn’t believe her claims as they felt that was her own way of making some quick cash because of the many wads of naira notes KCee was spraying and obvious presence of E-Money. Ay later promised the girl that her phone will be replaced when it became obvious the only way the drama could end was the girl getting an assurance that her phone will be replaced.

Watch video below:

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