ING Board of Trustees using a means titled Leadership Selection Criteria (LSC) Led by Barr Chris Okafor released the result of several months of hard work in selecting ING’s preferred candidate amongst the 67 Gubernatorial Candidates that emerged across political parties to occupy the Governor’s office come May 2019. After all due process and finding a candidate was produced – Sir Okey Theodore Ezeh, the encomiums, and the ecstatic reverberations across platforms locally and internationally is a testament to the fact that the team did a grandiose and impressive job.

It’s on this backdrop, therefore, that the Board of Trustees of ING, congratulate Sir Okey Theodore Ezeh (KSM), SDP Gubernatorial Candidate, for coming tops on the chart list of men and women seeking to lead the State come May 29, 2019. He has emerged through a credible process and platform. This is a demonstration of ING’s purposeful leadership, a quest for credibility in political space.

Congratulations and we believe that you will represent the aspirations of men and women on this platform(ING) as well as generality of Imo citizens clamoring for Credible Alternative in 2019, which you ably represent.

On this note, therefore, ING beckon on brothers and sisters and imolites to please join hands in navigating our selected candidate to victory at the polls. We have crossed the first and toughest phase by successfully selecting one we all consider credible enough among lots, to represent us. It’s now time to walk the talk. It’s now time to set aside our individual and political differences, closing ranks with one another towards the actualization of the purpose for which all of us, over 10,000 honorable men and women resident in different Countries, States and LGAs worked assiduously and fastidiously for the past 3 years to actualize.

Speaking with the BOT chairman Sir Poly C Samez “It’s time for us to show that we are a force, a cream of people with burning desire to effect a credible change in our State. Let’s unite to show our people that this election is not about Political Parties, but about Personalities that have the quality and credibility to take the economic strangulated and debt ridden State to the level of growth and progress. Let us join hands to change the narratives in order to usher in a 3rd Force for Imo Rebirth.

Permit me to sincerely appreciate our dear brother Rt. Hon Ike C. Ibeh for his mature response, and congratulatory words sent across to Sir Okey T. Ezeh. That’s what maturity and purposeful leadership dictates. He has shown a level of maturity worthy of emulation and on behalf of the Board of ING, I request that other aspirants show similar sense of maturity and sportsmanship. Those who have been in politics long enough to realize certain political trends will attest that political alignments or coalition and Politics are Siamese twins; they are inseparable. It’s therefore not out of question for the leadership of this organization to commence alignment or coalition discussions. Nothing is too late to achieve and nothing is unachievable provided there is a will laced with understandings, and provided the right mindset is built around it. We will announce the processes after consultation with Sir Okey Ezeh and others”.

To win, all hands must be on deck. In honour of our commitment on the LSC pamphlet “to collectively support any Candidate that emerges from our platform’, that we announce that all our chapters – LGA Chapters, States and Diaspora, the Global Body and the entire Board members should support and work towards the returning of Sir Okey Ezeh, as well as ING members contesting for HOA, HOR and Senate at the polls.

However he never failed to say “Thank you for your time on this lengthy brief, while wishing all of us successful ride to Douglas House Owerri in 2019, and may we all be alive to make the inauguration ceremony”.

Long Live Ala Igbo.
Long live Imo State..
Long Live ING…

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