“I’m the most influential person in Owerri” Wendy Blaze Uwalaka said as she slay on lingerie

Hot FM 99.5 Owerri On Air Personal (OAP) Wendy Blaze Uwalaka popularly known as Money Money Wendy shares sultry/ snap as she plan to launch her lingerie brand “LimeBaby”

Making a post on her social media handle she said “It’s okay for people to laugh at me, it’s totally cool for people to say I sold my soul to the devil for fame and money, it’s okay for people to say I’m trash but the beautiful part of all these is, I HAVE THE POWER TO GET PEOPLE TALKING. Which means I can control people’s thoughts, that is why I’m the most influential person in Owerri. Keep talking fam!! I love you all the same. Thanks for the love and hate, still gonna keep grinding, stacking up papers, still gonna release more mind blowing pictures, don’t care what haters say, it ain’t my cup of tea, because the love I’ve received from friends and strangers is enough for me to know I’m on the right track and I’m an inspiration to lots of people ❤️

See photos below:

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