“I Endorse Obeena As The Next Big Face Of Indigenous Rap From Owerri” – Ceo of Orji’s Blog said

The CEO of Orji’s Blog Orji Kingsley

In his words,

“First time I heard his song, I taught he was from Enugu, Never knew an Mbaise guy from Imo State could flow like this,

While listening to his song i paused it and said “E go blow” He Used igbo yet it was so refined, it didn’t sound like igbo even though it was raw, his voice was so deep that I taught he was under the influence of something.

At first listening I grabbed up to four or five captivating lines,My Yoruba friend said he could feel all he said, all he needed was only a translator,(painfully I had to do a lot of translation)..

I was with him and his aura was so welcoming and convincing, we had some drinks and it was all laughter even while working in my studio, it was really fun…

I endorse this guy!! He is good and ready to hit the industry but I just can’t understand his Obsession with the streets that’s all he talks about, “Street” He calls himself the “Trap Igbo boi” A boy who carved a niche for himself(Uniqueness is the first step to greatness)…

I proudly present to you Obeena/Obeenamo, Obeena Obeena History begins from today henceforth. I cant wait for him to drop this song and I really know it will cause a great stir…”

Hiphop is still alive!!!
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