Dear Mbaitoli/Ikeduru delegates,As you go to the polling unit today,think of Hon Emeka Ikedi first

Today is the D-day, for the great Mbaitoli and Ikeduru people to make a great choice.

Our esteemed delegates, the role you will play in today’s APGA Mbaitoli/Ikeduru House of Representatives primary at Iho Stadium, Ikeduru Local Government Area, will be one that will determine the fate of the constituency.

It is one that will either make or mar the collective destiny of Mbaitoli and Ikeduru federal constituency.

This time, we must pick the pieces and start putting things in the right perspective.

And if the interest of the people will mean anything dear delegates, then Chief Hon.Emeka Ikedi should stand out after today’s primary, as the flag bearer of APGA for the 2019 Mbaitoli and Ikeduru Federal House of Representatives general election.

Do not allow any politician out of greed, over ambition or selfishness, to manipulate, pervert, subvert or compromise this golden rule of equity and your choice of Agujiegbe.

A true fiscal and social politician, and a serious philanthropist of humility and integrity. Such a man will not abandon his principles in the face of pressure or the enticement of power.

It is an undisputed fact that Chief Hon. Emeka Ikedi remains one of the most consistent and dedicated APGA stakeholders in the whole of Mbaitoli/Ikeduru

His representation would herald a new beginning in the history of representation of the constituent at the lower chamber of the National Assembly.

Dear delegates today as you think equity, think Agujiegbe.

As you think about the general well-being of the people, as you think about accountability and open-door representation, think Agujiegbe.

As you think about loyalty to the party, about dedication and consistency to our great party ideals, think Chief Hon. Emeka Ikedi

Today, it shall end in praise for project Agujiegbe2019

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