Carelessness of the highest Order

My heartfelt condolences goes out to D’bang and his family for the lost of their poor innocent son,whose death is the reason am writing this…

Mr D’bang please allow me talk to your wife Lineo Didi Kilgrow, she needs to explain to us (Nigerian) on what she was doing at that time

Daniel III was just One year one month, he can barely walk around and this stage is crucial in kids life.

Am assuming he was at the sitting room and am calculating how many minutes, it will take him to get out of the sitting room to where the pool is, to the extent of drowning. Do you know how many minutes it takes for a baby to drown? where was his mother? What was more important than baby? what if he had put something bad into his mouth?

She had no other responsibility than taking care of Baby Daniel, but she was lost for thirty minutes(30), probably pressing her phone, or watching one stupid show online, or even snapping pictures for the world to see, forgetting her own little cute world.

I don’t hate the young mother, but am trying to advice other mothers of our generation to avoid such fatal blunder…

If you think you are too busy, please help me and help yourself to avoid stories that touches the heart, tie the baby to your back.

Rest On Beautiful Daniel, you will forever be in our mind…

I remain myself Adaku Quingist CEO of and am not the best but am better than the rest

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