U.I.Y.M. Is a none partisan youth forum created by Youths of Imo State who feels the pangs of Government neglects, poor representation, No Growth, amongst others.

This is not a “PRAISE SINGING YOUTH MOVEMENT”,it condemn when necessary and commend when necessary,tackle issues and not personalities, and they are not affiliated to any political sponsorship.

To form a formidable youth Movement in the state devoid of any background that will speak for the voiceless.

To emancipate the youths, create good job opportunities and reposition the youth to her lost bearing.

We believe in our God’s given talent/brains(BRAINSTORMING), cum acquired knowlegde, fresh ideas, initiatives, innovations, collaborations, creativities, information and cross cultural competence..


1. To harmonize the various interests of all Youth Groups in the state and beyond..

2. To form a strong voice (TEMPLATE) in the state for the Youth.

3. To create an institution devoid of any political party via which, the entire Imo Youth can achieve their sole aim as a watchdog to Governments policy and programmes as they affects the Youth thereby contributing meaningfully to the development of Youths and the state in general.

4. To engage the Youths in personal discovery, developmental activities, career development, agricultural activities, etc.

5. To restore peace and tranquility amongst the Youths.

6. To restore dignity and lost glories of our dear YOUTH in governance.

7. To discourage betrayals, character assasinations, sycophancy, greed, selfishness which have been the problems we are facing today.

8. To embrace unity/plan ahead of time, orientate/re-orientate and as well change the wrong approach/mindsets of our Youths for good.

Think about all this, Think UNITED IMO YOUTH MOVEMENT(U.I.Y.M), the symbol of unity, hope and love for the future.

Join us today as we have taken it upon ourselves the challenges to sanitize, sensitize our Youths with the aim to re-awaken the socio-political, socio-economical consciousness of our beloved Youths.. The best time is now, therefore queue today, let’s collectively build a better Imo of our dream.

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