Nonsonkwa fires back, he said Imo based blogger Hardy is just a common blogger

Nonso Nkwa an Igbo presenter at

Darling FM Owerri could not swallow what Hardy said about OAPs dressing, and he fired back calling the blogger an “accidental discharge” and someone who came into the entertainment industry by


Nonsokwa got furious, responding to the Hardy by saying; “I read with dismay what one Hardy wrote about OAPs and I laugh and I wonder who the hell the guy is in the show biz industry”

“It’s unfortunate that a common Blogger could insult a profession as old as Radio Broadcasting”

Afar from calling Hardy a ‘Common Blogger’, Nonso nkwa also said “Hardy no doubt is one of those who came into the show Biz by accident and who believe that dressing makes the mock.

He went ahead to say that “Imo has the most intelligent, smart, creative and dynamic OAPs in Nigeria. I wonder what this Hardy of a guy know about packaging.

Does packaging to him mean dressing well only? This is absolutely shallow and naïve”

He however defended his colleagues caught in the act of poor appearance by saying that only those into movies tend to dress well, warning Hardy to know that an attack on OAPs is like lapping a lion,

“Because of this profession I have travelled abroad to present programs in Igbo language and returned home with accolades, so what kind of packaging is the guy talking about?

“Does Hardy think that packaging is wearing suits like bank workers? Since he is a blogger he should package himself by wearing vests with laptop logo. That’s packaging”

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