“Linda Ikeji’s Predicaments Were The Reason Why I Got Married” 23Yrs Old IMO born Controversial Blogger, Kisha said

I quote “Love is a very beautiful thing. Some say it can only be felt but I doubt it.

When you are caught up, You are caught up. You See it happening to you yet you can’t help it!

You climb the highest mountains and still ask if it would hurt when you fall from there? Lol…Yes That is a Perfect Example of what it does to people!!!

Saw My Name in the Stars! Thence, I could Read The Future & What It Holds Perhaps.

Oh, Sands Of Time! Enough With the parables but I could at least reflect while I reminisce!!!

I was the issue of the Moment, i was Likened Like One fellow, thence some said I followed her footsteps but I knew I could change the story line, “SINCERELY, I DIDN’T WANT TO SUFFER THE SAME FATE AS MY ROLE MODEL HENCE THE HASTE”

YES, “LOVE WON” BUT “LINDA IKEJI’S PREDICAMENTS WERE THE REASON WHY I GOT MARRIED” this were statements written down by IMO born controversial blogger Kisha as she celebrate her marriage anniversary.

#HML to CEO Amino Island

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