“Dear Nina Ivy, be wise enough” by Lambasixx

Imo base popular Musician and one of the people that promoted Nina, our own Obilor Lambasixx.
GbeduBoy, Young Gun 🔫, have taken his time to write a latter to Nina.

“Dear Nina Ivy
You look good, you look great in fact awesome.
Dearest be wise enough to know it’s not all about posting beautiful pictures and wonderful videos. Think of new innovations for yourself.

All these hypes is because you guys are still fresh outside, time passes. Don’t also forget to read those agreement forms thoroughly before signing endorsement deals because some will want to take advantage of you. Tip your fans with some of your plans but not all.

Dearest don’t forget to go back to school especially our dear citadel Imsu to complete your education so you don’t end up as a half- baked figure.

Knowledge is power! Pls stop exposing your relationship business, we ain’t learning anything good from it, personally it makes me cry. Accept your wrongs and stop saying you fell in love in the first week, I’ll just die o. That’s controversy. Try to work hard on your self control as a woman because bigger Miracles will surely come your way.

Don’t chase money, let money chase you. Choose your friends wisely and don’t forget the ones you knew before now. They tell you you are still young to do anything don’t be deceived. You are a woman not a girl.

Whilst you await your accolades don’t forget to first give accolades to your dear little friends back home who were instrument’s to where you are today. Show them you care.
Celebrity life sweet die but don’t forget people rise and fall. Yes mistakes are made people go broke, people lose significance, people become irrelevant. Be wise.

Always remember to put God first. The sky is your starting point, I wish you success and more grace.
I might have copied some stuff from places and they exactly define how I feel.
I’ve never met or known you or even noticed you all my life but I’m happy the way i treated you. But know say for this Naija if you do anyhow or talk anyhow aunty you go see anyhow. I know what I’m saying 😏
Make your people and friends proud. They deserve better. A humble advise.
I rest my case for now😊

My name is Obilor Lambasixx.
GbeduBoy, Young Gun 🔫”

We hope Nina get to see this from you, its a huge advice from someone in the showbiz, Dear Nina you know your real friends…

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