Chinedu Hardy Nwadike verse OAPs Nonsokwa and MC Ogene,

To fuel the media war he started earlier blogger, Chinedu Hardy Nwadike has hit back at OAPs Nonsokwa and MC Ogene saying he didn’t know they were OAPs when he was writing the initial piece that starter the brawl.

Hardy who advised OAPs who have poor appearance to step up, was attacked by the duo who works for Darling FM Owerri, with Nonsokwa calling him an “accidental discharge’ and MC Ogene telling him to ‘grow up’.

With many comment on the issue already Hardy took to instagram and facebook to say: “I didn’t know these two were OAPs when I was doing my piece, how come they decided to be the ‘salvation army’ of OAPs in something that isn’t their business”

He however added that his initial comment came up as a result of the increasing number of radio stations in the Owerri and the fact that the OAP profession which used to be noble, has become ordinary.

“There are many radio stations in Owerri alone and I believe more that 100 people are now having the OAP experience annually with people going in and out of the job”

“Sensible people would have appreciated my advice but these two decided to insult me for it”, he said.

Angered by the insults from the Darling FM duo, Hardy referred to them as people whose minds are wisdom intolerant.

“It’s disappointing these two can’t read and understand a simple statement I made”

“The digestive systems of their minds are wisdom intolerant so they only understand insults and tantrums which are not my thing”

“They have insulted me, but I’ll choose to forgive them and let them remain as speakers of the sinners assembly”

“Nonsonkwa is basically impulsive and that ‘Hardy grow up’ advice from his mentee’ MC Ogene should be for him”

“He needs to know when to talk and when to keep quiet cos if both of them think insulting me will gain them extra attention, they should forget it”, he said and further took a dig on them by saying ” If OAPs are the most creative people on earth, how about those that built radio, TV and condoms” and ”
I just hope they don’t come to bloggers when their boss owes them again lol.”

As the media war is taking a brand new personal turn, who knows the next person to get in or what next Nonsonkwa and MC Ogene whom. Hardy tagged “lame and dopeless”,would say again.

See Hardy’s instagram posts here

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