The man called Zion Onyeka Nwaigwe.

The man called Zion Onyeka Nwaigwe.

Director Zion as popularly called by artistes,actors&friends is a nollywood film director, producer, set designer, editor and a very talented musician.

Director Zion is the CEO of Heph-Zee Productions. A member of Association of Nigeria Movie Directors (ANMD), Association of Movie Producers (AMP), Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) and Currently the chairman of Creative Designers Guild of Nigeria Imo State chapter (CDGN).

Alot of movie have been directed, produced and edited by Zion, such as The chosen priest, Onyeocha Igbo, Rise of Titan, Dibia Onyeocha, Amuma mmiri, Planet love for “andybest production” Ganja girls, Ajo anu, Osinaka nne, Kinsasha, Desperate gift, Oluku, Akpunwa, Life in the village, and many others.

Just recently he dropped an amazing album.

Click here to Download:

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