Jellof Joke by MC T-boy, 3days to go.

On Friday June 1st @ The Ridge Event Centre along Onitsha road Owerri Imo State

Buses have been Provided For Guests Coming from town.. From 6pm, Look out for Buses with the JOLLOF JOKES Banner on it at CONTROL POST, OWERRI.

The Buses would convey you FREE OF CHARGE to the Event Place and after the Event, it would take you back to CONTROL where you can obviously get a Ride back Home.

You can Use your URU application to request for a Ride from anywhere you are in OWERRI and the Ride would convey you to the event Place at a very affordable price. You can even win a Free Ticket by Riding with URU.

All Confirmed Comedians are Advised to make use of the Time Frame given to them by the Stage Manager as we are working very Hard to end the Concert at Exactly 1am. Help us to Serve the audience Better. Time Management is Key. Please don’t forget you are Allowed into the Event Hall Alone. VIP artists are allowed with their Managers.

All artists Should Avoid Over Crowding the Backstage or Disturbing/Distracting the content/Stage Manager. It wouldn’t be condoned at the Event as we are trying to ensure a peaceful, co-ordinated and Classy Event.

All artists that were not Mentioned in the Billboard/Radio Jingles, Fliers, Posters, and those that were not Confirmed, Including those that would be allowed to perform because of the Brand’s Mission of Growing/Promoting Home based artists are Subjected to a COMPULSORY SOUNDS CHECK Procedure on Thursday May 31st at the Event Place (The Ridge) by 11am.
The Official Dj would be around to collect all of your Tracks and organise himself to avoid sentiments and Rush on June 1st.

Mc T’Boy is everybody’s friend and Therefore Cannot Give out Free Tickets to everybody. A lot of money has Gone into ensuring that you have a Great Event. The Best you can do for him and His Brand is to come and Support Him, Buy his Ticket and Pray that his Show turns out Great. DON’T come and try to form “I know Him, how can I Pay to enter His Show” the ticket is even Cheap, 1000 Naira. We don’t want our bouncers to embarrass you that Night.

Support the Boy

Say NO to Free Ticket

Especially when you have not given anything so far to the support of the Event. Remember that The Bouncers have their Job Description.

The Event Venue: The Ridge Event Center, After Alvana Model School is a 5-Star Event Place, New, Classy Event Center. Please, be cautious of your actions in and around the premises. Security Cameras are watching you as we would not condone any form of unauthorised Dismantling of any property of any Form/type. That would Land you into serious Trouble.



There will be Heavy Presence of Funny Looking Police men and Military Men. They have been placed on STRICT Orders, They don’t have any other Business than ensure that the Environment even from Hundreds of Meters out is Free/Safe from Drugs, Violence, And other Crime related Offences. Be a Law Abiding Citizen and You will have the Best of Time at the JOLLOF JOKES COMEDY CONCERT.

The event is an avenue for Laughter, Music, Networking, and Promotion of Indigenous Arts and also an Avenue to meet with fellow Youths at the grass root Level as we all share same enthusiasm for continued excellence and growth of the entertainment sector of our Dear state and Beyond. So Pls, don’t utilise that avenue to practise FIGHTING, CULT, CRIME, THEFT, and Other Negatively Related Vices as our Security Men already Have the Green Light to DEAL without Mercy with anyone Caught or Involved with this.. if you cannot Comport your Self, urge, Highness and Spirit.. Pls Stay at Home. Don’t Say you were not warned.

Take Out a Time and Say a word of Prayer for the Success of this Event. It could be you tomorrow.

MC T-boy Loves you all. As we look towards making History in IMO State Yet again. We Did it In 2015, Repeated it in 2017, Yes, With your Support and Co-operation, we can Do it again!

God Bless You.
Samuel ChinazamEkpere Ebenezer
(Mc T’Boy)

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